The film ‘Just the wind’ is a significant contribution to the struggle for the Roma social inclusion

'Just the Wind', Silver Bear-winning and LUX Prize nominated film of Bence Fliegauf was played on a festive screening ceremony yesterday evening in Strasbourg. On the following discussion MEP Lívia Járóka emphasized that the film with its powerful artistic means drew attention to serious social problems thus contributed significantly to the struggle for the social inclusion of Roma.

Yesterday evening the EU Information office in Strasbourg presented Bence Fliegauf's film 'Just the Wind', which had won the prestigious Silver Bear and the Grand Prize of the Jury earlier this year in Berlin. Following the screening ceremony in Strasbourg's UGC Cinema, MEP Lívia Járóka, Rapporteur of the EU Strategy on Roma Inclusion, Ferenc Robák, Hungarian Ambassador to the Council of Europe and Nikolai Atefie, Project Manager for the "European Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma Inclusion" held a discussion with the director.

Hungarian-German-French coproduction 'Just the wind' is an uncompromising tale of a Hungarian Roma family whose members live their lives in fear and insecurity due to a series of racist murders. "The film builds on this tragic symbol of hate crimes that took place in 2008 and 2009, demanding the lives of six innocent Roma. The movie gives a sharp, hurtful glimpse into the social and political instability and the crumbling erosion of social and state structures – unable to protect its own citizens – that characterized the end of the past decade, ultimately leading to a general wish for a change in all walks of life in Hungary" – pointed out Lívia Járóka, the single MEP of Roma origin.