Lívia Járóka commended the achievements of the Hungarian Greek Catholic community

The European Parliament organized a memorial meeting to celebrate the 100th anniversary Hajdúdorog Greek Catholic Diocese. In her speech, MEP Lívia Járóka emphasized the necessity of community building and commended the achievements of the Hungarian Greek Catholic community.

Following the welcomes speeches of Diocesan Bishop Fülöp Kocsis and Vice-President of the European Parliament László Surján, Lívia Járóka, rapporteur of the European Strategy of Roma Inclusion reminded that pastoration for Roma had been first launched by the Greek Catholic community of Hajdúdorog. During its service of faith and the transmitting of spiritual goods, the clergy inevitably faces the social problems and the poverty that most Roma suffer from, and on the other hand, politicians and civilians must also pay great attention to improving the spiritual conditions of Roma communities – Járóka said. She commended the achievements of historic churches within local communities, citing the examples of the Garden of Angels Kindergarten, the St. Elias Hospice and the Temporary Shelter for Families run by the Greek Catholic Church in Hodász. It is impossible to base self-conscious communities of dignity and love purely on material means, and those strengthened in their awareness of dignity an become useful members of society, creating the necessary conditions for spiritual and material prosperity also for others – the MEP said.