On Fidesz’ commitment to Roma integration

As the only Roma Member of the European Parliament, I strongly object to the recent accusations against Fidesz - Hungarian Civic Union - suggesting that members of my party have regularly expressed anti-Roma sentiments.

Among the more than 140 parties of the 27 Member States represented in the EP, Fidesz was the only political formation to delegate an MEP of Roma origin.

Fidesz also prompted the European People’s Party to form a Working Group on Roma Inclusion in 2004, as well as to adopt the social inclusion of Roma as one of its highest priorities in 2006. The European People’s Party thus became the first political European-level formation adopting its own strategy on Roma integration. Also on the initiative of Fidesz, the EPP launched an internship programme for young Roma intellectuals in 2005. Moreover, next month, the EPP Bureau is expected to finalise a Resolution on the European Roma Strategy submitted by Fidesz.