Roma Dignity centre opened in Brussels

Research organization Yahad in Unum opened its 'Roma Dignity Centre' yesterday in Brussels with the cooperation of EPP Group MEP Lívia Járóka (Fidesz). In her speech at the opening ceremony Járóka highlighted the necessity of remembrance and drawing the lessons of history and commended the organization's work in researching and publicizing the atrocities against Roma.

Holocaust research organization Yahad in Unum opened its information and documentation institute 'Roma Dignity Centre' in Brussels. In her speech at the opening ceremony, MEP Lívia Járóka emphasized the necessity of keeping the memory of victims alive and never to forget about those masses that were doomed to fall into oblivion by their executioners. She reminded that the Roma Holocaust was still not widely known and that the researcher community still had a huge debt in scientifically processing the atrocities claiming about half a million victims.

According to Járóka however, historical truth and memory would reinforce genuine reconciliation between communities, strengthen stability and peace, and strengthen our unity as free and equal European citizens. She commended the devoted work of Yahad in Unum, which in the course of a few years have recorded thousands of individual testimonies and uncovered hundreds of previously unknown mass graves, researching from village to village. Járóka finally thanked the newly inaugurated 'Roma Dignity Centre' for contributing to the understanding of history and the promotion of historical truth. “It is our common responsibility to record the personal life histories and recollections while we still have the opportunity” – concluded the Hungarian MEP.